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Témoignage de Lama Norbu pendant son séjour en France (en Anglais)

1. Visits in France


It is a very nice place ; Michel Lak and I went to different places in Strasbourg and in the south of Strasbourg. I saw and visited different houses such as the History Museum; I have been on a boat that goes around the city of Strasbourg. It was very nice and I saw many typical houses that are made out of rocks and wood. I also saw the European parliament it is nice and big but it is also very modern; on the river there are boat restaurants. In some place, I was very amazed when I was on the boat, at some point we got into a navigation lock. And the boat got up, and the water was rushing. When we see in France there are many cathedrals, built many years before. Some cathedrals are very far from the city in the mountains, it reminds me of monasteries, because before monasteries were not made in city. I also observed that Strasbourg is very different from France, because most of the houses are traditional and built in the ancient way. I realized that in Alsace they use a lot of wood to build the houses. It seems to be specific to Alsace. It is very different from other places, many people in Nepal say that in France it must be so modern, but in fact, there is modernity, but there is also a lot of traditional houses. When I came here, I felt it was very different from Nepal, when we go to the city there are not as many people in the streets as there are in Thamel for example. It is not as noisy as Nepal ! I am very happy that Club Tibet was able to celebrate Losar (the Tibetan New Year) it was very amazing to see that they were making very nice momos and very nice decoration in the room. To me, it felt like a Tibetan place.


Paris is very nice place and very butefole place. When we go to Paris we see a different thing its sete but some place all house are ancine all castel are ancine I can see only one moden castel or new .But some place all are new or modern and big its loke like very nice all house luke like a glase house .Thear are very nice Lue musiam its very big maney pepal are coming in thear to see because there are maney ancian thing are in thear we blive that before 10 or 12 century just like that. Its nots storey its real history. In seatey not maney pepale.Onley in lue musiam side maney pepale nere by lue we see a tole kal when we go to thear its very big and very nice . In parice mane Tibetan pepale are in thear maney resturent we ben in resturent its very nice thay are very happey .Then we ben in very defecal plase in Indian ambase its to nosey no role what aver they like thay can do its same like in India no change thay cant lose won culterits ok not problem its my problem. In france I meat different tipe of pepal but almost all pepale are very good thay respet each other thay folo the wone role its nice

Shenten Monastery

Its very betufule place and very big I meat mmy teacher I am very happy to meat .Out side of Shenten maney flage thay are doing praving puga and Madetasion each day

2. Schools

I am very Happy to visit something outside my country because I learn many different things while visiting France or Strasbourg ; I learned a lot of teaching method, and also witnessed how teachers and students have to respect each other and how discipline is important. I observed classes and was able to see how to integrate new students in the classes. It was also very interesting to learn to teach the ways of holding a pencil and using sheets properly for a new student. Simultaneously, I observed how teachers taught the alphabet to students. In here, when teachers ask questions, the class is very quiet. In Nepal, all the children ask questions at the same time, it is very noisy and I realized there was a difference in the way students paid attention to the teacher. I was very impressed to see that here, first the students have to hold their hand up and then teacher allows them to speak. And all this is done turn by turn so it enables to have a very quiet classroom.

The teachers give some examples and students find a solution by themselves. I also saw that teachers show photos and explain about the photos. They give homework like in India. The teachers also encourage student participation, for example, students can show a map and a photo and then explain about what he is showing to the other students. And then the students can ask questions to the one presenting the map and the photo. In English classes, students are only allowed to speak in English.

When the teachers teach with a text book, he/she never read the lesson but they ask the students to read one by one the lesson. And after that the teacher explains the lessons further. And the children can ask questions. In Strasbourg, in kindergarten and primary school, thes school teachers stay all day in one class and they teach almost all subjects. But some times, another teacher will come and and they help each other out in the classes. I’ve witnessed up to two or three teachers in class one (CP).It is very interesting that small students are allowed to ask many questions to the teachers. In turn, they can explain and students can ask more questions. It is very nice because in my place even if you can ask questions, the teachers cannot ask small children questions, and the children never ask question either. In France, some time the teachers use photos which are not in the text books. It is very interesting to see the reaction of the small children. They are very intrigued by the diversity of what they are shown. Some times, small children can be very tired but then when the teachers show them different photos they say “ooooh, it’s a nice picture’, and then after that the teachers can explain and the students are more focused after. Here, small children, they have many materials for drawing but also things to play with.

LASTLY I would like to say thank you very much to all members of the CLUB TIBET. Thank you very much for inviting me. I am very thankful to Michel la and the Club Tibet for letting me discover different schools and different classes; I was thrilled to meet with the different teachers. It gave me many ideas to talk with the teachers and the students in the classes. I am very happy and thank you very much for taking the trouble for me to make me come here. Lastly, on behalf of my community and the students of Lupra, I would like to say many thanks for helping us and the school and for participating in the school building, the toilets and the many games you brought with you last time with the group from Club Tibet. I like to say thanks for inviting me here for two months to improve my education skills and to get ideas how to teach and how to learn children quick. Because my English is not so good, but even so I have now many ideas from seeing different schools. Those ideas I will bring them back with me and use them in Lupra. I thought that students were very interesting and the teachers helped me a lot to understand other methods to develop education.